Daniel Guilloux


Daniel GUILLOUX was born in Burgundy in 1949.

After his childhood in a farming environment, he starts learning photography on his own and in 1970 produces his first photographs, which will be followed by twenty-five years of photo documentaries, much travelling, many awards, publications and various books.

Ever since his childhood, he has nourished a passionate interest in sculpture and is particularly attracted by DALI, CESAR, GIACOMETTI, HAJDU, Antti LOVAG; for years he has dreamt of "moving into" sculpture.

In 1995, Daniel Guilloux has a chance encounter with Jean-François ESCOULEN, discovers woodturning and learns with him the rudiments of this craft.
Very soon he will find himself training with well-known woodturners such as Mikaël HOSALUK (Canada), Terry MARTIN (Australia), André MARTEL (Canada) and Hans WEISSLOG (Germany).
In 1996, in collaboration with Gérard BIDOU, he produces the book "Woodturning in France" «LE TOURNAGE SUR BOIS en FRANCE » (éditions VIAL).
Along with a few fellow woodturners, he will also participate in the creation of A.F.T.A.B. (ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DE TOURNAGE D'ART SUR BOIS).
In 1998 he is selected as resident artist by the WOODTURNING CENTER in PHILADELPHIA (USA) to participate in the ITE (INTERNATIONAL TURNING EXCHANGE); it is during the several months spends in the United States that he produces his first cut-out pieces (Lace woodwork).

This work turns out to be difficult and delicate, so from 1999 onwards he invents and develops the prototype of a hollowing tool which makes it possible to produce any shape inside a piece of wood without profiling the outside.
The outstanding feature of this unique tool is that it makes it possible to produce extremely fine pieces without risk of damage. Under the name of "Profiler", this tool was developed for the general public, in partnership with Raymond BORDET.
It has been commercialised for several years now and has been adopted by many woodturners.

Never having neglected photography, Daniel Guilloux once more produces for Editions VIAL the photographs which illustrate two substantial volumes of «OUTILS et MACHINES des METIERS du BOIS». ("Tools and Machines of Woodcraft").

He still has a passionate interest in architecture and in "bubble houses" in particular, so in 2002 he and a group of architects and enthusiasts attend a seminar organised by Antti LOVAG (architect and "habitologist"), whom he had discovered a few years before in a TV documentary and with whom he shares the love of intelligent, responsible and aesthetic habitats.

In 2001, he exhibits in Lausanne (Switzerland) with the artist Hanspeter KAM.

That same year, the birth of his son, followed by considerable changes in his family situation, lead him to a change in orientation.

In 2007 he switches to steel wire. This allows him to work with more freedom, in a manner which is more personal and closer to his aspirations than in the past.

Today his imagination is focused on "METALLIC PAINTING" and he is working on very diverse unique pieces, which can take the form of paintings, drawings or sculptures.

As he loves challenges and exchanging not only the public but also with the world of tourism or industry, he also proposes "SCULPTURES UTILES", which are unique objects for interior architecture, in addition to outdoor projects which are closer to "LAND-ART".

Daniel GUILLOUX's sculptures are to be found in a number of international collections and museums.
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