Daniel Guilloux


The adventure began in 1998, on my return from the United States, after having been selected as resident artist at the International Turning Exchange in Philadelphia, where I was able for the first time to create cut-out pieces (lace woodwork) which were to join the prestigious collections of a few American enthusiasts.

In my workshop, once more face-to-face with myself and all the problems inherent to the ultra fine hollowing of green wood, the idea of designing a tool to assist my creative work came to mind.

It was to take me several months before imagining the concept of working, in the opposite manner to traditional methods, in other words by beginning with the hollowing operation (from the inside) rather than with the profiling (from the outside). I then had to invent a tool which would allow me to hollow out a precise inside profile, without an outside profile. Within a few months, the idea of the profiler emerged.

First prototype, first tests, first success.
Not only did it work, but the « Profiler » fulfilled its promises and brought me a whole lot of ideas and infinite openings towards creativity.

With different questions and requests coming in from the woodturning world, after two years I decided to do further development on my tool (for it is indeed a tool) so that both professional and amateur woodturners could benefit from my invention and its numerous possibilities. To this end, I invited my friend Raymond Bordet to develop this for the general public. It would to take more than two years of cooperation, between the computer and the workshop, to give birth to the profiler and to the current hollowing tool; these are smaller and lighter, can be adapted to all lathes on the market and, most of all, are totally safe and within everyone's reach.

Today my most satisfying reward is to see the users themselves unanimously satisfied and savouring the pleasure of hollowing out in all tranquillity, while pushing back day by day the limits of their creativity.

Daniel Guilloux
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